Tuesday, December 04, 2007

kids, knitting and at&t

I swear that my children, my knitting and AT&T are causing my blood pressure to sky rocket.

First, I picked up the sock that I am making for my Dad out of a worsted tweed yarn. I already had the toe pocket, all I had to do was to begin the pattern. Well, I did just that. Unfortunately I did the pattern all the way around the sock, not just on the top of the sock. I was watching a movie and didn't notice this until I had done about 10 rows of the blasted thing. When I noticed, I might have said a few cuss words, but decided to rip back and try again. It turned into the biggest mess ever. So I cussed some more and frogged the whole thing.

I began again today (but with sock not worsted yarn) and decided to try the 2 socks on 2 circs thing again. The 2 socks at once thing is working, but about 6 rows in, I realized that I had cast on 2 more sts on one than the other. Its still early enough in the increases that I can fudge it and make it work. Trust me, my Dad will never notice. Still, it's aggravating.

Second, AT&T DSL decided to die last night. I could neither blog, nor read my favorite blogs. Do you know how much time I waste a day reading blogs on crafting and knitting? Way too much. Hi, I'm Shea, and I'm an internet blog addict. I swear I started getting the shakes.

Third, and most annoying, was the Eldest. A week ago, I caught him telling a lie. I threatened him and went on my way. Now, a 7 yr old, even though normally a compliant and basically good child, will still try to lie to get out of trouble even though he should know better. And honestly, who hasn't? But! He was caught again last night. Busted. Cold. Or rather, I should say very Hot.

Around 5:30 yesterday I noticed that it was getting really hot. I thought I'd been moving around too much and ignored it. About 10 minutes later I thought, "Whew, I'm roasting, maybe it's the wool sweater I'm wearing." Heh. I went and looked at the thermostat to see if I just had a fever or if it really was hot in the house. Guess what? It was not just hot, it was damn hot. The thermostat had been cranked to 86 degrees! By 11:30 it was still 77 degrees in the house.

Of course, when questioned, Eldest said in the most innocent of voices "I didn't do it." Well, if I didn't do it and his Daddy didn't do it and the Youngest can't even reach it, then by process of elimination, Eldest must have done it. Yep. Lied to me again. So, he now must endure an entire seven days without anything that runs on electricity or batteries. Full electronic restriction. And, his DS is now in my possession. It's a tough time before Christmas. I told him that yes, I would have fussed at him about the thermostat, but I wouldn't have punished him otherwise. But the lie is another story completely. Next time it'll be a month of electronic restriction. Not pretty.
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