Sunday, October 21, 2007

Halloween Meme

Okay, this is a makeup post since I missed two days last week. You know how you get in a funk and just can't bear to depress/bore everyone else with writing about how you're depressed? Yeah, I was in that kind of a mood. Please forgive!

So, here's something that started at Old Lady Pen Pal . I decided to jump in and join the fun.

1. Do you believe in ghosts?

Maybe. I know that there's supposed to be the ghost of my Grandmother that haunts my Mom and Uncle's house. She chain smoked like a fiend and every once in a while you can smell cigarette smoke in my Mom's house. No one smokes in my family now, so why would we smell smoke at the house unless it's her ghost checking up on us? I kind of like knowing she's watching over us. But she also used to cuss like a sailor. If I ever hear any of that though, I'm running!

2. Have you ever seen a ghost?

Nope, and I don't wanna.

3. Have you ever experienced something that is best described by the word “paranormal”?

Um, no other than the answer to question #1.

4. Do you watch any ghost or haunting themed shows?

No. I can't take any of these kinds of shows or horror movies. I freak out at even moderate tension. I can't even watch I love Lucy, much less a horror movie. The tension of knowing how much trouble Lucy is about to get into just kills me. (There's something not right about me isn't there?)

5. If so, do you sometimes sleep with the lights on or wake up your partner because the show scared you a whole lot and you can’t sleep and don’t want to be awake alone?

Sleep? I don't get good sleep on a good night. I have kids remember? One of them has nightmares and walks in his sleep and the other is only 22 mos. What's sleep?

6. Have you ever been to a supposedly haunted place? If so, did you experience anything spooky?

My Mom's house? I've also visited castles in Europe that were supposedly haunted.

7. How much do you love Halloween?

I love, love, love it! I had a decorating fit a couple of weeks ago where I bought some stuff and made some and my house is so cheery now! I also got two bales of hay and put them outside in the front of our house. I put a scarecrow with it. We also put spiderwebs all in the front too.

Only happy scarecrows allowed!

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