Monday, October 29, 2007

Early Halloween Fun

Yesterday, our church had our annual Halloween Tailgate Treat. This is loads of fun. Everyone decorates the back of their cars and hands out candy to all the trick or treaters. There are prizes for the best decorated tailgates and for the best costumes. I won the tailgate contest a few years ago, but wasn't feeling well enough to put the work into it this year. We did get the kids dressed up and off to trick or treat though.

It was like wrestling with a wild monkey to get the Youngest all dressed up. We tried to paint his face white, but did a lousy job of it. Maybe I should have said a large octopus instead of a wild monkey. Every time we moved a hand away so that we could decorate his face, another hand/arm appeared to block our efforts. We were exhausted before we ever got into our car to head to the church parking lot.

We decided to try and head the wild monkey off at the pass by putting him into his favorite wagon. It only worked for a while, but every second he was contained we considered to be a blessing. He's truly a hand full.

I got a couple of pics for you from it that cracked me up. The first has some skeleton boy who we didn't know, but who decided to get in on the picture taking action. You can tell my boys are related, they have the exact same "who the hell are you and why are you in our picture?" expression.


The other was taken right after we got back to the house. We were trying to get both of them to look at the camera at the same time. We made the mistake of saying peekaboo. He's covering his mouth to play peekaboo. He doesn't quite have the whole idea of covering your eyes to play it, but he's getting closer.


Last pic is knitting related. This is my second swatch for the Minimalist Cardigan and is also the correct one for gauge. The pattern calls for sevens, but I'm getting gauge with the sixes. So, guess that's what we'll use huh?

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