Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lookit Mah New Toy!

I was in a Walmart the other day with my Mom and the eldest. We were in the craft section looking at some baskets (the Westie needed something to contain her ever growing amount of toys.) I was in site of but nowhere near the yarn section when I heard a small voice saying very loudly "Avoid the Yarn Temptation Mom!" Now really, I would never ::cough:: ever ::cough:: even dream of looking at yarn. really. No more VeggieTales morality stories for him.


Lookit Mah New Toy!

Shea's New Yarn Swift!

My awesome friend Darrell made me a Yarn Swift! For free! Or at least close to it - I did take him out to lunch for it. He's amazing! Not only does it work, it's collapsible. I'll need to make a case to hold it, but I'm so stoked about this! I've already ordered some new yarn so I can play with it. :)

He got extra brownie points from the 19 mo. old. The kid loves anything that spins. He's spent tons of time whirling this thing around. He thinks it's his and not mine!

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