Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Cat day!

Today is cat day. It seems our household has acquired a porch kitty. She showed up a couple of weeks ago and never went away. I made the stupid mistake of giving her some food cause I felt sorry for her and she took up roost. Pros: No more mole infestation in the yard. They make awesome cat toys that fly up high in the sky and bounce when they land. cruel, I know, but true. My hubby had to go out and lay one to rest this morning at around 6:45ish. He was not happy. She's also camouflaged. She lays in the leaves and mulch and blends right in. Cons: one more mouth to feed. May end up with many mouths to feed. Think we need to find her a new home. Here's a couple of pics of her. Check out the first lucky shot. I caught her with her tongue hanging out.

mleh! so there!

Can't see me, I'm blending in with the concrete.

This is Tiger, our blockhead. He hates for you to mess with him. Loves to be petted, not messed with. I'm not sure what he was on last night, but he let me pile blocks all down his back and then on top of his head!
I feel so humiliated - look what she did to me!

On the knitting front, I'm almost done with the first sock! Updates to come.


  1. The porch-kitty has pretty colors. Almost a calico, but with the tabby markings. Is she pregnant?

  2. Not sure is she's preggers or not. I suspect so, but can't be sure.