Friday, May 04, 2007

Mr. Testosterone Reader

Well, I've discovered that it is possible to repeat mistakes without trying. : sigh : But, at least the silly socks will match up at the cuff.


In other news, at my eldest's school, they have a Principal's Reading Club. Obviously, this promotes reading. There is a reading contest that is sponsored by Scholastic. At the beginning of the year a rumor began floating around that the grand prize winner would get a Nintendo DS. So my kindergartner, being the nintendo fanatic that he is, decided to become competitive. The testosterone kicked in and he decided he wanted to WIN that thing. The kids have to read a book off the approved list, then take a quick 10 question multiple choice test to receive their points. I'm not sure, but I think only the top reader in each grade gets a prize and that is a gift certificate to Toys R' Us. Well, let me tell ya, Mr. Testosterone reader is in FIRST PLACE. Not just in Kindergarten, but over the whole freakin' school!

Now, I've tried very hard not to be one of the Scary Moms. I have encouraged him, but not pushed or demanded that he get his reading done each night. (I don't want him committing suicide later on because his parents expected perfection 24/7) He has done this all on his own. The cool thing is what this has done for his literacy. If the principal only knew. This kid is reading on a high 2nd grade/ low third grade level. He's in KINDERGARTEN for pete's sake! Chapter books. wow.

Mr. Testosterone Reader in Action! (He was very annoyed with me for interrupting his reading to snap a pic.)
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