Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Save Some, Earn Some

 Not much going on so far this week.  The Youngest has been sick and has managed to taint me with his little germs and now I feel like dog dirt.  Crafty stuff will resume shortly, I promise.  Until then, Check these out:

 Save Some Dough:

1.  Here's an awesome deal over at Amazon that will be perfect for gearing up for Christmas: Amazon Mom

What you get:  3 Months of Amazon Prime Free!  You get free two day shipping which is totally awesome.  And, for every $25 you spend in the Amazon Baby Store, you get another month of free shipping.  There is also also a great discount: 30% off select diapers and wipes. 

You don't have to be a Mom necessarily to qualify, just a caregiver or someone out to help a new parent.  Sweet.

Earn Free Stuff:

 2.  Swagbucks:  You've heard me mention this one before.  I absolutely adore this site for earning Amazon Gift Cards.  So far I've earned around $200.00 to use over at Amazon.  Christmas will be very good this year for my boys!  I'll be combining my gift cards and using them with the free Amazon Prime shipping mentioned above.  I know a few of you have joined through me and I'm curious, how well has Swagbucks worked for you?

3.  Irazoo:  This is similar to Swagbucks, but you only search and win, there are no special offers to do.  It's much simpler, so if you don't want to do all the extra stuff on Swagbucks to earn the free Amazon gift cards, this is the place for you.  They do give out codes like Swagbucks does (they're called Treasure codes on Irazoo) and you need to be on their Facebook page to get them. 
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