Friday, September 10, 2010


RIP, RIP, RIPPING along and not the rest in peace kind of ripping either.  I'm talking the ripping of stitches, many, many stitches.   Over and over again. 

Problem the First:  I decided to make my first officially designed sweater as complicated as frigging possible.   Cable panel, check.  Waist shaping, check.  Square neck, check.  Six sizes so far, check.  

Problem the SecondMath are hard!  Ya know, maybe, just maybe, if someone (oh, I don't know say, a teacher maybe) had told me that there were real world practical applications for algebra, I just might have paid some freakin' attention the first time around!  Who knew that I would be using algebra in designing sweaters 24 years later?  If you do the math, you'll find out when I was in tenth grade.  I'm not just going to tell you the year though dammit. If I have to have a math headache, then the more the merrier.  I say that with love of course.

Problem the Third:  Gauge hates me.  It bit me.  Twice.  The second time resulted in six freakin' inches extra.  I put it on the dress makers dummy to look at my knitted sample and the damn thing fell off!  See, the gauge wasn't 4 stitches per inch, it was really 4.25 per inch.  That tiny quarter of a stitch makes a really big difference and don't let anybody tell you it doesn't.

Problem the Fourth:  I'm making every design blunder in the book.  It's annoying, but by God, I guess I'll learn this stuff the hard way huh?  The hard way always makes this stuff stick in my brain easier anyway.

Problem the Fifth:  Relates to Problem the Second.  I found a place online that could figure this whole algebra thing out.  However, not wanting the easy way out, I decided to reverse engineer their results (so that I could build my excel spreadsheet properly) in order to figure out how to really do this math.  My brain hurts now, thank you.  I did figure it out though.

Now, Go back and after each of these Five Problems, place the the words:  Great, just great, now I have to rip it back again.

Yeah, I might have miss-titled the name of this post.  It should read: RIP, RIP, RIP, RIP, RIP.  At this rate, my yarn will fall apart and I'll have nothing to knit my sweater with.
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