Monday, March 08, 2010

The Aftermath

I survived the Great Toy Purge of 2010 (part one), but just barely.  My dining room/office/craftroom, alas, did not fare so well.  Just look:

Um, ignore the pile of sheep wool on the far left on the table.  That had nothing to do with the toy purge and everything to do with having a giant flat surface that likes to catch things.  Yes, I love to embarrass myself with hideous photos of my house, why do you ask?  I now have the great task of attempting to find my room again and put everything away.  The hangers strewn on the floor will go back in a box in the attic until the next children's consignment sale.  Toys and clothes on the floor will be donated.  

I really hope everything that went into this sale gets sold.  I just do not want it back in my house.  I'm trying to reduce the clutter, not bring it back in.  But, if some does come back, I'll put it into the attic and sell it again at another sale.  

These children's consignment sales are so wonderful for cleaning out the house and paying for clothes for the kids.  They also help supplement birthdays and Christmases.  I find the most wonderful toys in awesome condition at these sales. 

I crashed hard this afternoon and passed out for two hours.  I spent morning helping set up for the sale, but that wasn't what caused the crash.  It was the evil Oscars on tv that did it. I spent the time in front of the tv working on the second sidewinders sock:

But most of the knitting was a waste of time.  I frogged back as much as I knit.  Reading directions and then paying attention to them is a most important part of knitting.    Now if I could only do that I'd be golden like Oscar too.