Monday, February 08, 2010

Amateur Photography and Lace Scarves

Last night The Eldest was working on a photography lesson for Cub Scouts.  Not to be outdone, The Youngest had to take some pics too.  This is what happens when a four year old takes a photo:

Of Himself

And of a cat:
But wait!  I bet you missed the cool part of the cat photo.  Let's zoom in a little closer (I didn't say clearer, I said closer):
Did ya catch it that time?  He caught the cat in mid-yawn.   Cool.   That cat's got a really big mouth.  I guess it goes well with the rest of him too, all 16 pounds of him!


I finally finished my Queen Anne's Lace Scarf!  I did it in two sessions.  Unfortunately, I put it down for about two weeks in between sessions.  But it's finally done:

Here's a closeup:
This is destined to become a gift in the future for my Sister In Law.  The greens will look fabulous next to her red hair.