Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Thanks Mr. Hair Dresser

I've been totally traumatized today.  I went to the hair dresser today to get a trim.  The operative word here folks is TRIM.    Not cut, TRIM.    Well.  Guess what happened?

When you tell a hair professional that you want a chin length angled bob, aren't you supposed to get that?  Where, for the most part, your hair is supposed to be more than three inches long?

So I went in expecting this:

And got this:

Except, it's shorter.  Not happy folks, not happy.  I'm about to go on a trip to Orlando and I'm feeling way insecure about my hair now.  Thanks hair dresser.

Why do hair people do this?  You tell them one thing and they decide to do something else.  I would pay extreme money for a good hair dresser that listens.