Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Elementary My Dear Watson

The Eldest portrayed Dr. Watson of Sherlock Holmes fame for a presentation at school on mysteries.  It was worth 40% of his grade.  He got a 105!  The costume got him the extra brownie points.  This was a costume that we put together a couple of years ago and he got to use it again.  The bowler hat, moustache and pipe all came from party city.  The coat is a jacket that belongs to his dad, but looks like a trench coat on him.

  Yay Eldest!

In Nanowrimo news, I've had to give it up.  Once again, family and sicknesses have derailed me.  I may try again at around 500 words a day instead of the 1667.  I was managing that amount just fine, but for some reason the 1667 just wasn't doable.  Maybe next year.