Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Knitting Project

I started a new knitting project.  This one is the Cotton Classic Boatneck Pullover.  You can see it and some other free patterns: Here.

Except, it's not going to be in cotton, it'll be in wool. A lovely yarn from Hobby Lobby that is in Seal Brown.  It's the most gorgeous cross between deep brown and plum.  It sounds odd, but it will be very elegant when it's all worked up.

This is the project that I've been meaning to tell you about for several days, but other stuff just kept coming up.  I'm not sure if I will need to put in some waste shaping yet or not.  I haven't gotten far enough into the pattern to see.  I'm not one to really read ahead in a pattern the way I should, so we'll see in a week or so.