Monday, October 12, 2009

Medusa Halloween Costume

The Eldest had a big school Halloween party last friday evening.  The parents were encouraged to dress up as well, but I wasn't real enthused about it.  I couldn't come up with a clever costume on my own on such short notice, or so  I thought.  The Eldest has been studying mythology in school and suggested Medusa.  I said that I would think about it and sent him off to the bus stop.

It bugged the heck out of me the entire day.  I did nothing but plan that stupid costume.  Obviously I have nothing better to do with my time.  Forget cleaning, laundry, cooking and *gasp* even knitting!

I had been challenged.

So here's what I did:

1.  Made a crown of snakes from pipe cleaners and aluminum foil.  The pipe cleaners were bent in two and foil was wrapped around them.  Then the snake was wrapped around the crown that I had made.  Once all my snakes were on there, I wrapped the base of the crown with foil as well.  The snakes were made in different sizes.  I was trying to avoid the Statue of Liberty look.  I also added felt tongues to the snakes.  Once they were cut out, I just taped them on with scotch tape.  I also made a snake armband as well.

2.  Toga - I wrapped miles and miles of a king sheet around me.  At the shoulder, I pulled it through a silver bangle for ornamentation.

3.  Makeup - I used silver cream makeup purchased at party city and put several coats of it on my face.  I also put a much thinner layer on my arms and shoulders.  I also used black liquid eyeliner on the top lids of my eyes and black lipstick on the lips.

4.  Hair - I piled it on top of my head and pinned it in place.  Then I sprayed silver hair spray all over it.  Many, many times.  There is a permanent silver haze in my bathroom now.  It's gonna take forever to get rid of it all.  The crown was placed on after this part was done.

Wanna See?  (Click to Enlarge)

All in all, it was very successful, but I felt like a real fruit-loop while driving to the party.  I put the crown on after I got there, so at least I was spared the humiliation of that!  Thank God there were other parents dressed up as well.  It could have been a real (though pretty creative) social disaster.  The kids liked it and that's all that really counts though, isn't it?