Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Harry Potter Quidditch Sweater

I finally finished the Harry Potter Quidditch Sweater! 

Wanna know the fantastic thing about this sweater?  It fits both the Eldest and me!  When he outgrows it, I'll have me a sweater.  It's at least one thing to look forward to when he gets "all growned up".  It's quite depressing to see your baby wearing the same clothes as you and having the same shoe size and he's only 9 years old and it's not like I'm small or anything, I'm average sized.


Here's how it will appear on me (forgive me for not modeling it personally, but I really didn't feel like fighting with the camera and mirror this morning to get a pic of it on me):

Neat huh?  I'm still amazed that we can both wear the same sweater.

I have to compliment the Cozy Ewe yarn store out in Utah, they went above and beyond to help me get this sweater completed.  For some reason, my order caused a glitch in their software, the butternut color did not show up in the completed order form, on two different orders.  They never could get the problem to show up on their side, no clue why I'm the only one to have the problem.  I'm starting to think I'm cursed.  But, they have fantastic customer service and everything was fixed nicely and they even gave me a partial refund on shipping.  Yeah Cozy Ewe!