Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bill Manipulations

Several things have been driving me nuts lately and today I decided to take some action to fix things.

1. The first thing is my internet service. I'm being charged by AT&T for the highest speed internet available in the area. I went online today and did a speed test. Now get this, I'm supposed to be getting 3mbps download speeds. What was my actual total? .30 mbps. Somehow, AT&T misplaced a decimal there and I've been getting overcharged by a mile. So. byebye AT&T internet service and hello Clear.com where I'll be getting around 6mbps or there abouts for the same price. It absolutely irks me to be paying for a service and be getting subpar performance with my internet.

2. The second thing is no cable/dish or local channels on our tv. I'm feeling deprived. We've been without these for about three years now. So, I'm canceling my home phone land line and going with cell phones only so that I can afford the tv stuff. Besides, it's silly to be paying twice for phone service.

So this afternoon I've spent my time rearranging all my bills. It's been a stressful experience all around. I feel like I've been robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Once I've gotten both of the internet and dish stuff set up, I'll be giving AT&T the boot (except for my cell phones anyway.) I can't wait. I know my Eldest will be thrilled. He's the only kid he knows that can't get the Boomerang cartoons. How has he ever survived? :)

Don't forget to enter into the contest. Someone needs to have a non stress moment and win something free and it could be you! Jolene left me with some fabulous suggestions. Anyone else wanna play?