Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The All Things Shea Etsy Store!

I finally started up my Etsy store!

It's only taken me a good two years to get on the stick and get things rolling. Shea's the name, procrastination seems to be my game! Well, maybe not procrastination, more like having needy kids or something. I only have six items in the store so far, many more just waiting to be photographed and inventoried. Do you know how long it took me yesterday to get the six items up in the store? About three hours. How pitiful is that? Three hours. Thanks, kids. My day went like this: start something, stop to deal with kid, add two more words to the item description, stop to deal with kid. etc. etc. etc.

Obviously I won't be contending in the big leagues for a while. But I have made a start! Here's what's up there now:
Polymer Clay Pendants!

For every pendant purchased, a black silk cord will be included so that you or your loved one will be able to wear it right away!

I have more jewelry and some fiber stuff coming. This is just the beginning. :)