Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I almost jinxed myself yesterday. I told you that I was flying along and everything was perfect didn't I? Yep, me and my big mouth.

I got to section four of the pattern and then blew it. There is a lot of confusing wording. She breaks up this part of the pattern into what she calls rounds. Not rows, not exactly repeats. I'm not sure how she justifies the wording. I did a panic call out on Ravelry and then got smart and went to her site. If you have trouble understanding this section of the directions, go to her site and check out the FAQ/Techniques/Tips section. She goes back and explains it much better there. After about half an hour I was flying along again nicely.

This morning though, while both boys were away at school and I had peace and quiet, I got out my spinning again. I've been working on 2 oz. of Tussah Silk that I've been slowly turning into lace-weight singles. I've finished it up and I'm letting it rest on the bobbin for the day. Tomorrow, given a chance, I'll wash and set the twist.

Here's what it looks like now with flash both on and off:

It was supposed to be black, but now, depending on the light, looks sometimes black, sometimes charcoal and sometimes a deep rich purple. I don't care, I think it just looks lovely.