Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Rogue Hooded Pullover Speed Knitting

I have found the key to speed knitting. It's not only small movements worked at the tips of the needle with proper but loose tensioning.

No, I've discovered that if you add in an over-healthy dose of caffeine combined with Prednizone and a pinch of antibiotics, your speed will increase by at least 50%. I kid you not. I've been flying on the needles even with children interruptions, child chauffering, cooking meals, thinking about cleaning (notice that I didn't say doing), grocery shopping and trying to sell stuff on ebay so I can get my drum carder I've been wanting.

Here's what I've managed to do in two partial days:

I'm working on the Rogue Hooded Pullover. I'm amazed at the cleverness hidden in this pattern. The cables that you see above are at the sides of the sweater. She's hidden the waist shaping in those cables and no one will ever notice.

Once I got past the small learning curve of deciphering her charts, this has been a breeze. The combination of cables and mindless stockinette keeps you from getting bored and also keeps you from getting mired in endless cables like my other cable sweater project.

I've got about half the main sweater (not counting the hood) completed in two days. That's, like, a record for me. I can't wait for all the kids and dad to disappear tonight to go to scouts so that I can work on it some more.

I've got a deadline (self-imposed) for this project. We're going the annual family "pig-pickin'" in SC again this year on Feb. 21st. I want to lose at least three pounds and have this sweater complete by then. Think it can happen? We'll see. I'm optomistic about the sweater, not so much on the poundage, but I'm trying to be hopeful. :)

One quick question for all the cable working gurus out there. I'm having a problem on one side of my cables. See?:

On the left hand side the stitches are gapingly huge and obvious. Any tips on tightening this up and alleviating the problem? All comments welcome!