Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Earning Cash

Slowly, but surely I am earning the cash for my future drum carder. I'm getting the fine 90/120 one. I can't decide if I'm getting the brush attachment or not. It adds about $50.00 to the total. I might just go get a wall paper brush to use instead. I bet the spouse could come up with a way to attach it for pennies.

I've been selling stuff on Ebay and on Craigslist like crazy. I've almost become obsessed with it. I've caught myself walking around the house looking for more stuff to sell. It's kinda fun.

I've been surprised at what has sold versus what hasn't. The nicer stuff has stayed home and the cheaper stuff has gone. The latest thing to be sold, a small, faded Little Tykes play cube that has been living outside, went today to a lady who owns a Doggy Day Care. Who woulda thought that a doggy daycare would use one of those? Cool thing is, I bought the cube for 2 bucks at a garage sale. I got $30 for it today. Way cool.

If anyone is interested, I'm auctioning off Paula Simmon's book Spinning and Weaving with Wool on ebay.

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