Thursday, February 12, 2009

Duplicate Stitch Is Your Friend

I have begun work on the center front of my Rogue Pullover. I'm not extremely happy with how it's turned out so far for a couple of reasons.

First, somewhere in my knitting, two knit stitches disappeared and then reappeared a couple of rows later. Don't have a clue where they went or why they returned.

Maybe one said to the other: "Let's step out for a cup of coffee for a few minutes while she completes a couple of rows, I'm tired of waiting around." The other one says "sure, let's do it, I'm running low on caffeine!"

Anyway, this is what it looked like:
See those two yellow arrows? They're pointing to the two holes that are missing the knit stitches. It may not be glaringly obvious in the photo above, but in real life, it is. So how to fix this?

Well, I'm basically a lazy person. I refuse to go back and rip out all those rows to fix this when I can cheat. Yes, I said cheat. You too, can go to the dark side occasionally when you don't want to rip. How? By duplicate stitching.

Duplicate stitching is where you duplicate a knit stitch by using a tapestry needle and yarn. Google it for directions, there's tons out there. Most of the time I've seen it used for decorative effects, not for cheating on fixing your stitches. But dang if it doesn't work for that too.

Here it is after the duplicate stitching:

Now, I don't advocate cheating on a regular basis mind you, just when the occasion warrants. Like this time when I'd have to go back a couple days worth of complicated cable creating. Is it perfect? No, but blocking it will help.

The second reason that I'm not happy is (and I don't have pics of it) there are some holes that are at the bottom of the front V. I went on Ravelry and found out that this is a common occurrence, but I just don't like it. I'll probably go back and duplicate stitch this area as well to clean it up a bit. I'll wait on that a bit before I do it. I will try and get pics of the before and after shots of that for you as well.

See? Cheating does pay occasionally, just don't tell my Eldest that I said that, okay?