Thursday, October 09, 2008

More Striping and Rushing Around

I've gotten to the striping point on the second sleeve. This sweater is looking a little funny right now. It resembles a scarf more than a sweater. But it's coming along.

No Yarnballs Left Behind!
Charmichan left me a suggestion for working more jogless stripes. She said,

" Try this jogless join technique:
"To minimize the jog where colors change when working stripes in-the-round, work one round with the new color, remove beginning-of-the-round marker, lift the previous color st below the next new color st onto the left-hand needle; k2tog (lifted st of previous color and first st of new color), replace the marker. The beginning of the round will move 1 st to the left at each color change." "

I'm planning on doing that next. I want to see which of the two techniques works best. I know there are others as well, but I'm starting with these. Thanks Charmichan for the suggestion!

I've been absolutely scrambling today. The Youngest and I are going out of town tomorrow and The Eldest and his Dad are going camping. Laundry has to be done, packing still needs doing, errands had to be run and the Eldest went to a birthday party this afternoon. The whole week has been like that for some reason. Rush, rush, rush! Hopefully the weekend will slow down at least a little.

See ya tomorrow!