Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Done! Tubey is Complete!

I have a Finished Object! I finished the Tubey Sweater that I've been working on for the past month. I love this pattern. The construction was fun and the stripes kept me from getting bored with all the k3,p1 ribbing.

I got it finished just in time for SAFF in Asheville, NC this upcoming weekend. It's also my birthday weekend, but more on that later.

I love the sweater, but not the jeans. Please forgive the incredibly out of date jeans. I do have the perfect necklace to go with this sweater, but I forgot it when me and The Eldest did the photo shoot. Didn't he do a great job? I'm thinking he needs his own digital camera for Christmas.


Yarn used: Cascade 220 in black - 3 skeins, 9461 (Yellow-green), 7830 (Coral red), 7816 (Turquoise Blue) I used less than one skein of the three colors.

Needles: Size 8 circs


  1. Used 3 colors and not always as directions indicated. Close, but not exact. I played around with the width of the stripes as I went along.

  2. Sewed the neckline to the shrug section after completing the sweater for about 1 inch on either side. The neckline before was way too low and revealing. I much prefer the neckline now.

  3. The rolling of the fabric was driving me nuts. I single crocheted around the sleeves and the entire neckline of the sweater including the shrug part in the back. I’m considering doing this at the bottom as well, but haven’t decided as of yet. I might do it just to add a bit more length as well.

Note: I used the jogless stripe technique as follows:

  1. Join new yarn to old for one stitch.
  2. Drop old and knit 1 round with the new color.
  3. When you get back to the joining of the two colors, pick up the stitch below it and place it on the needles then ktog. Make sure to move your stitch marker and place it after this stitch. Your round will move one stitch each time.
  4. Knit around as usual.