Thursday, October 23, 2008

The comedy of the last two days.

The past two days have been far from fun at the house of Shea.

Wanna know why?

1. I went window shopping on Wed. for some Christmas toys for the Youngest. At the time they were $8. Since he was with me, I decided to come back on Thursday so he wouldn't see them come home. When I got there on Thursday, guess what? The price had been raised to $10. I lost 6 dollars on those toys in just one day.

2. I picked up the Youngest after school and he was running a fever of 100 degrees. He then proceeded to spend the rest of the evening throwing up and causing me to miss choir practice at the church we've just started going to. Not only did he throw up, but I lost count of how many times after the 7th time.

3. Got maybe 1 hour sleep last night.

4. I needed to pack today for my trip tomorrow. What did I do? 5 loads of laundry that consisted of sheets that he threw up on, two sets of my clothes, two of his father's, 5 of his, two of his "night-night" blankets and misc. others. I told his brother to stand next to him since it was his turn to be thrown up on, but he wasn't having any.

5. I went to blog earlier today. Blogger was down.

6. I went to blog later. The Youngest was screaming "Mummy!" at the top of his pitiful lungs and crying buckets.

7. I picked out a sweater vest to make on the trip. When I grabbed my alpaca yarn for it and did a swatch, you couldn't see a hint of the pattern. So, back to the drawing board. I'm already starting to get twitchy without a serious project going on and I just finished the last one yesterday.

8. I'm still trying to pack and sew a button on a sweater for the trip. I'm still doing laundry. I'm still dealing with a sick kid and another that would love just 5 minutes of attention.

I did get dinner made. That was a huge accomplishment in my book. Thank heaven for small favors.

I need a serious alcoholic beverage for the nerves, but sadly, I'm on sick call tonight. But tomorrow night on my trip? All bets are off!

See ya Monday!