Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Up to You Know Where...

I'm up to my eyeballs (or as my Dad would say, up to my butt in alligators) with goings on this week, so I apologize if there is little knitting or spinning wise.

Here's what's going on:

1. My cousin's wedding is this weekend and is approx. 10 hours away from me in Clearwater, FL. So I'm doing laundry from last weekend's trip, packing and pre-cooking so the children don't starve while their Dad keeps them. Dad doesn't cook. I don't think he even knows how to use a can opener.

2. The big children's consignment sale is coming up and all of the items (all 300 of them) I'm selling are due bright and early on Tuesday morning. Each item has to be on hangers, ironed, and tagged. Did I put this off until almost too late? Why, yes, I did.

3. The Eldest's birthday is on the 15th so I've been trying to party plan. It's going to be a combination of Pokemon and glow in the dark Monster Mini Golf. I'm very unprepared for this, but I did get the place booked today.

In My Knitting World:

I'm getting start-itis again. Every time I think about taking a trip I start spending oodles of time going through Ravelry and my stash to see what I can do. Forget that I already have two WIPs on the needles, okay? oh, and that the baby that one of them is for is due any second now. Ack!

SO. Please forgive me! I hope to have tons of FOs for you after the weekend. Keyword in that sentence is hope...
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