Thursday, September 11, 2008


This post is gonna thrill you guys silly, I just know it. Ah, not really. I'm being totally sarcastic.

This week I've got my hands full with a children's consignment sale. Remember the last time I mentioned the sale? I won't show pics again, I promise, it's very redundant from sale to sale. I've been swamped with preparing for it and working at it. By the time the weekend is over I'll have spent approximately 22 hours working there.

Well, today I got to shop it. Here's part of the loot that I got:

Here's what's so exciting about these piles of clothes. These are full fall/winter wardrobes for both boys. There are 45 items. I did not picture the couple of toys (4) /movies (4)/sleeping bag (1)/toy organizer (that retails at Target for 59.99.) That brings the total up to 56 items total. I spent $211.00. That's only $3.76 dollars per item, and some of these are upscale clothing lines like Talbot's, Children's place, Gymboree, Kelly's Kids, etc. too!

Let's say you bought all these at retail prices. The minimum that you would spend on these would be $10 per clothing/movie and $59.99 for the organizer. That's $609.00. I saved $398.99!

I'm so excited!

I have to confess - there's been no knitting/spinning or otherwise done this week. I'll have to make up for it next week.
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