Friday, September 12, 2008

Not anyone's day.

I vote that we have a day "do-over". We go back to bed, reset the alarm clock, and pretend we're in the movie Groundhog Day and begin again, except this time our day goes a lot better. Okay?

The Eldest is still having some stomach issues. It hasn't all been completely faked. I think I know what part of the problem is and we're hoping to solve it with a combination of potent fruit juice and Miralax. What is it with young boys deciding they're too busy to stop and go to the bathroom once in a while?

So the stomach issue thing started our day. While that was going on, I was trying not to laugh at the Youngest imitating his brother. What ever the monkey sees, the monkey does. He saw the Eldest holding his hand over his mouth trying not to throw up (plumbing stopped up one place, must come out another. I know - gross isn't it?), so he proceeds to walk around holding his hand over his mouth too. Eldest was not amused.

Finally checked everyone into school late and I started to work at the consignment sale. Then I got a call from my parents. They were supposed to go to school today and have lunch with the Eldest for Grandparents Lunch. They were driving two hours from Alabama to do this too. Guess what? They ended up with two blown out tires. So I handed off my job at the sale to someone else and headed over to the school. My baby was expecting someone to have lunch with him and by golly he was going to get somebody there!

I had several Grandfathers tell me I was the youngest looking Grandmother they've ever seen. :) Now I know why so many women go for the Sugar Daddy types. They're so polite, complimentary and conscientious. Someone remind me why I married a younger man?

My parents are still coming over (eventually) so now I have to dash around the house and pick up stuff and pretend that I'm an accomplished housewife even if they know better.

Have a great weekend!
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