Monday, August 11, 2008

Wedding Shawl progress and more Fleece Study

The Olympics have been good for the Wedding Shawl. It's forcing me to sit for 3.5 hours every night and work on this thing. When I stopped last night, my right hand felt like jelly. I could barely hold onto the needle. Ibuprofen is my new best friend.

I've put the knitting into overdrive. I've only got about two weeks left to work on it. I really wish I could work on this while the Youngest was awake and about.

Meanwhile, something that I can work on during the day is another fleece sample. This one is Shetland fleece. This time, I put it into a lingerie bag and immersed it (with absolutely no agitation or swirling) into really hot water with some Dawn dishwashing detergent to get the grease out. I left it for 15 minutes then put it into the sink next to it to rinse in hot water for a few minutes.

I then set it out onto a towel and rolled it up and smooshed it (gently) to get the water out. It's now hanging around on the back porch while it dries.

I think this time that I was successful. The last fleece I did had a bunch of felting through it and was a royal pain to card and spin.

Of course, this fleece sample was also much cleaner than the last one.
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