Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Olympic Influence

The Youngest is an extremely willful, stubborn, over-active, independent child. I'm constantly mortified at his behavior. I've said many times that if I had had him first, I would never have had a second. I can definitively say that the Eldest is far easier to control and influence. A compliant child, if you will. The Youngest? Not ever.

However, there are the rare days in which the Youngest does something that I think is kinda cute.

This week, he's decided that he's the world's greatest gymnast. Not because he takes gym class, but because of the influence of Olympic television on young imaginative minds.

He saw a clip of some gymnasts on the parallel bars. He immediately raced over to the couch and coffee table, put one hand on each and swung his little legs out in front of him. Of course he then lost control, fell, and hit his head on the coffee table. He picked himself up and proceeded to try again. Nobody was going to tell him he couldn't do it.

Next he saw some men doing high diving. Seeing as how we have neither a pool in our living room nor a diving board, he made his own. A child's step stool and a big beanbag did the job. He even put his hands over his head, just like the diver's did before they (he) jumped.

I'm delighted at the creativity and imagination this child is showing lately. The eldest has always been a more logical and literal thinker. Nothing wrong with that, but I love to watch a child's imagination at work.

BTW, he has also decided that the molding in the doorways of our house are really big trees that he wants to climb. He's thrown major tantrums because he can't manage to make it up to the ceiling, much less an inch off the ground. How do you explain why that one won't happen to a 2 year old?


I also had a dream last night. I dreamed that I bought some mascara and had to justify that purchase to my mother. I'm 38 years old, about to be 39. Why in the world would I feel like I have to justify the mascara that I bought to my Mom, who could care less anyway? Is my subconscious feeling guilty? Is my shawl not coming along fast enough?

I'll have a Wedding Shawl update for you tomorrow.
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