Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Brain Cell Challenged

I must be brain cell challenged. There's something in my little pea brain that crops up every once in a blue moon and says "You don't have enough stuff to do, you better take on a really big freakin' project."

Let's see, I've already got these on my plate now:

1. Wedding Shawl
2. Baby Sweater
3. The Youngest starting pre-pre-pre K
4. The Youngest (in general)
5. My best friend coming over tomorrow
6. Desperately needing to clean house (I'm definitely not the premiere house frau)
7. Guests coming over on Labor Day
8. Children's consignment Sale coming up mucho quick and need to get clothes ready to sell.
9. Wedding to attend on Sept. 6th
10. etc. etc. etc.

Yeah, I've got tons of time on my hands. So what did I start last night?

Getting rid of a 5 year old nightmare in the kitchen. No not one of the kids, remember they're two and seven (although that's not a bad idea), but this:

Hideous, frickin' WALLPAPER from hell!

Notice the three layers? The bottom layer was never primed and is stuck fast to the sheetrock. I won't be removing it, just priming and painting it. But I started steaming and peeling last night and this is where I stopped. I have since peeled a bit more.

Take a closer look.

The top level: Everyone over the age of 70 that has come into my kitchen has loved this one. Yes, it's colorful. But EWWWW! I once hung a Christmas wreath against it and it blended in. Nothing can be hung against this wall paper. It's like kitchen camouflage with a nasty 80's color scheme of colonial blue, seafoam green and a smidge of pinks and browns.

The Second Level: Polka Dotty but more bearable than the top layer.

Third Level: Leftover 70's paper. The house was built in 1980, but I guess they didn't feel like putting in brand spanking new 80's paper when they could get leftover 70's stuff from the oops bin at the local Wall Papers 'r Us.

I have a huge kitchen, but this is the biggest wall of the stuff. It's not going to be a quick project. I'm making Christmas the deadline for it, but if it isn't complete by then, who cares? It'll get done sometime. There's no way we could ever sell the house with wallpaper like this anyway. Yuck!

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  1. Anonymous4:33 PM

    The comment about the wreath blending in made me laugh - we had this type of wallpaper situation in our old house - we were always scared to take it down because there would always be many layers. Good luck - good luck with your to do list too!