Monday, June 02, 2008

The Shuttle Launch

The Shuttle Launch was fabulous!

We kept the Eldest in the dark about where we were taking him until breakfast on Saturday morning. It was absolutely eating him up that we wouldn't tell him where he was going. I had him almost convinced that we were traveling to Vermont though.

What was funny was that when we told him we were going to the shuttle launch he said, "And then what?" Aren't seven year olds great? You give them an awesome trip and they ask something like that. Of course, he was running on less than 4 hours sleep from the night before at that point. It didn't mean a lot to him until after he had seen it go up and after we had toured some of Kennedy Space Center.

Wait til I tell you where we watched the shuttle launch from! A rich friend of my brother's MIL let us view it from their condo. It was a SWEET condo. Like a couple of years ago cost $1 million dollar penthouse on the 12th floor kind of sweet .

Check out the inlaid mosaics on the floor of their foyer:Framed Textiles from India

Very Ornate Dining area from Korea
Their balcony
There was a whole lot more that was just as cool, but I'm running out of room here.

The view their pad was amazing too though.

We saw a mommy dolphin with her baby, manatees, ospreys, pelicans and stingrays from the balcony.

Awwww! You could also see the launch pad as well as tons of crowds.

Launch pad in the distance
An example of the packed crowds

My camera was not too great at the long distance pic of the shuttle launch, but the vapor trails it left came out great. By the way, this was as close as you could get to the launch pad unless you worked for NASA.
The Launch
Shuttle Vapor Trail

Here's a pic that I took from inside the car as we were leaving. You see, as a good devoted sister, I always try and take pictures of the hotties I see for my brother. Here's one of a hottie and her man (notice the matching arm tatoos):

If you enlarge the above pic, check out the front fender on the first bike to the left. This was the coolest paint job on a bike that I've ever seen. I was afraid to let them see me taking their pics. Of course, I might have watched a few too many movies in the past about bikers with bad tempers. :)

Last, but not least, my favorite pic of the weekend:

My parents and the Eldest pose as astronauts

It was a great weekend, hope you had one too!

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