Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New Edition to the Family!

After many long months of waiting, we have a new addition to the family!

Let me tell you a little about her.

I've been breathlessly awaiting her arrival to our home for months now. She was completely planned and she finally arrived yesterday a little before three p.m. Labor was only about an hour total. I hardly even broke out in a sweat. Easiest labor that I've had.

She's a lovely blond and quite petite. She's constantly, voraciously hungry and has/will require lots of feedings. Her brothers are so excited to have her home and have already spent quite a lot of time with her. I expect I'll be losing a lot of sleep because of her, but that's to be expected with newborns.

The Eldest's attitude toward her has been quite different than it was when we brought home his little brother. It's been much easier on him this time. He's already used to me spending a lot of time away from him and spending it on his baby brother, so this time around I don't think he'll mind at all when I spend my time with her. As a matter of fact, he's been pestering me to death to help feed her!

The Youngest just wants to play with her. I have to keep reminding him that she's just a baby and he has to be gentle with her, but he's too little to understand that. I think she's just adorable and I can hardly keep my hands off of her myself.

Would you like to see a picture of her?

Isn't she lovely?


  1. That was a totally cute intro...I was waiting for the cute little puppy or kitty and then...TA DA! It is an awesome addition though...for those with patience. Hats off to anyone who can spin...I would never be able to do it.
    Now get busy! Waiting to see what you spin.

  2. Congrats on the family edition. Have you chosen a name for her? One of her cousins lives in our home and I hope you enjoy your time together like we do.