Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Evening post

Welcome to the late evening post at All Things Shea. This week is an absolutely crazy week for me. I will be all over the place, either working the Lil' Lambs Children's Consignment Sale thru the weekend or driving the Eldest to the next place on his itinerary. Why does a 7 year old get an itinerary and I'm stuck at home going nowhere fast?

Do I have a baby sitter? Only on Thursday. Am I sorta panicking? You betcha. I begged my Mom to drive two hours to keep the Youngest on his schedule. When he gets off of his eating and nap schedule, he turns in to Mr. Hyde. I'm not kidding. When his blood sugar gets low, he turns into the AntiChrist. It's scary how evil a two year old with low blood sugar and no naps can be. You guys have only seen the cute side. It's the cute side that has saved him so far. The other Grandma gets him on Saturday. At this point, I'd let anybody watch him as long as they could keep up with meals and naps.

Anyway, I put the Circular Shrug back down. I'm thinking that I'll have to add another inch to it, but I prefer to be in denial right now. I'll get it finished sometime in the next week. But today! Today I made something else.

I love the fast easy project and that's what I needed to bolster the ol' confidence.

I made the Calorimetry. I know that everyone has already done this project and I'm a little behind, but who cares? This was fun and fast. Fast being the important factor. And, it'll look cute when I have my hair up. Here's the final outcome:
Shea's Calorimetry
Mods to the pattern: Cast on 80 sts instead of 120 the pattern calls for. I didn't really keep up with how many repeats that I did, just winged it. Doesn't matter, fits perfect.


  1. your calorimetry looks great! and i probably shouldn't tell you this - but i'll take your demonic 2 year old if you'll take my demonic 12 year old... after bad days i still go in to watch him sleep to remind myself of how sweet he really is.

  2. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Very cute Calorimetry! I hope you find a babysitter!