Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas and Crafts

What does your Dining Room table look like this holiday season? Do you have a beautiful centerpiece? Some fun place settings? A beautiful tablecloth and matching napkins?

Mine currently looks like this:

And I cleaned it up a bit before I took the pic too!
Crafting is such a messy business. At least there's a giant collapsed box protecting the surface of the table. What's that you see? An Incredible's cup holding sharpies and paintbrushes? More terracotta pots? Hmmm.... I'll have details about what I've been scrambling to get done in a few days.

On the opposite side of the room though, is a bit of Christmas:

Notice the cat? See what she did to the garland?

This was a sappy sentimental purchase on my part. Growing up, my grandparents had a silver tinsel tree with blue ornaments. So I wanted one. I put a peacock in place of the star though and added some teal blue ornaments to tie it together. And let me tell you, Widget the cat is very pleased. She loves the garland and the silver on the tree, not to mention the dangling ornaments. Luckily, the Youngest has left this one mostly alone. Alas, the large traditional tree has not quite fared as well from the little terror.

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  1. Mine looks so awful I wouldn't dare take a picture of it right now.