Monday, October 15, 2007

Spinning and Fiber!

I was a spinnin' fool this weekend. I couldn't put it down!

Here's the results of my spinning so far:

The skein in the middle is the first thing that I ever spun and it is by far the most consistent and best quality of all of them. The one with orange was done next and was intended to be a novelty yarn. My teacher had to make me do thick and thin and add little bits of stuff into it. It really went against the grain to do this too. The others have all been practice.

I haven't been able to equal the success of the first one. I'm having trouble drawing as I spin. I can draw first and then spin, but I can't seem to do both at the same time yet. I'll get there, I know, but I want to be there now! Patience is not my strong suit.

I only made it through about 1o rows on the shawlette. Too busy gossiping and chasing the 22 mo. old.

I did get to go to a real live country fair this weekend. There were a whole 20 booths (including food), Terrier races (of all things) and there was a sheep show. I went up and asked one of the owners what he did with all the wool from his sheep. You won't believe what he answered, "I just throw it all in the trash." Fiber fanatics pay good money for this stuff and he just throws it in the trash!

Well, we passed a sheep farm on the way there and back, but didn't stop. My dad went today and got two big bags of fleece for me. I'll have to clean and card it, but it'll be free! He asked the owners what they did with their show sheep's wool and their answer? We just throw it in the gully. ?!!! What's with these people? Don't they know about this industry? They're missing out on a money making opportunity! Not to mention, loads of fun. Jeez!
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