Saturday, September 01, 2007

new toy

I got a new toy in the mail yesterday - a ball winder. Did I get to use it? Well, yes and no. It did get used, just not by me. I did get a new cake of yarn out of it and got to see the new swift in action.
Everyone get in on the winding

My parents brought the Westie (named Minnie Pearl) to visit too. She and the youngest watched it rain for a while. It amazes me sometimes what babies find fascinating.

This was too cute not to share.


  1. Babies? I'll sit and watch a good rainstorm for hours! And I'm from Oregon - it's not like I've never seen it before. =P Cute kid & pup picture though. - zuma

  2. Hi Zuma! We've had little to no rain here this summer, so we've all been a little fascinated when it has happened. Still, there was nothing changing out that window that day, but they seem to have enjoyed it.