Thursday, August 30, 2007


This might be one of the best knit sweaters that I've ever seen. Go check it out. Someone's got a great imagination.

Remember the exploding dog I spoke of in my last post? Well here she is in all her Chow/Shepard fuzzybutt goodness:

Hi, I'm Jette and my hobbies are exploding and chasing cats

I'm also into begging for whatever you're eating

And this is her furry counterpart, Cessna, the Spaniel/Beagle alpha dog. Yes, we named our dogs after airplanes. We figured Jette was bigger and faster and Cessna was smaller and slower and somehow the names just stuck. We had Jette first and someone else had already named her. When we brought Cessna home from the pound, she just sort of took over the leadership position and now runs the entire household.

Hi I'm Cessna, but you may call me boss mama
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