Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First, Next and Last

First Up: Child update - better, but not all there yet. All I'll say about that.

Next Up: Consignment sale madness is here! Check out the wreck of a dining room. Imagine the opposite side of the room and the back wall and most of the dining room table looking roughly the same and you'll have an accurate picture of what I am trying to sort, enter on a spreadsheet and tag. AAAAHHH! And this is just the winter stuff folks. There's almost as much summer clothing in the attic. Ick! Please ignore any dog hair that you see on the floor. She exploded on the floor. (She's a chow mix and it's really frickin' hot here and instead of shedding outside she did it inside in about two hours. God help me.) I promise it's been cleaned up. I have to try (really hard) and look at it like it's black roving as I vacuum it up or I'll completely gross out. Thank goodness the rest of the house is hard wood or tile. Can we please get those organization, cleaning people from tv to come clean this mess up? Also, the dog whisperer guy while we're at it. Maybe he can train her to roll and shed somewhere besides my dining room carpet. The rest of the house looks quite different. just so you know.

Last Up: Knitting! If you've read the previous couple of installments in my life, you will know why this sock is going so slowwwwlllyyyy. So, here to brighten up the sock with a little luxury is an emerald green velvet background. Of course the sock is inside out, cause I wanted it that way. That's just how I roll dude.

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