Friday, June 01, 2007

Snakes and Ladders is complete!

Yippee! It's done. The Snakes and Ladders Stole is now in the blocking stage. It's final measurements ended up being approximately 5.6' x 30". I am now a true believer. I didn't believe the people who said that blocking makes all the difference when dealing with lace, but I'm now a convert. This turned out gorgeous. I know the recipient will be pleased. Of course if she isn't, she'll lie and say she is, cause that's what Mom's do. Yes, the ends were wonky at the time of the photo, but they've been adjusted since. This is my first lace project. Yes, there are mistakes. Fortunately, I'm the only one who will ever notice. I figure that even for someone who knows what they're looking for would be hard put to find the mistakes on a moving target. And don't forget, I'm allergic to perfection anyway.

complete!, sorta

I got some yarn p@rn for you:

This lovely ball of merino sock yarn came from a lovely lady at ebay. She calls it Spruce. It's got a beautiful brilliant blue that keeps popping up every so often. The colors remind me of what you'd find in a peacock feather. So pretty! New socks are now in progress cause I couldn't wait. If you try and click on the pics below to get a better look, you won't. I couldn't get a clearer pic to save my soul tonight. But I tried!

Look Mom! I got toes!

Ahh! no foot!


  1. Wow, snakes and ladders is great! It looks pretty perfect from here!

  2. Thank You! I will say though, that it's definitely not perfect. There are many mistakes, but I'll never tell where they are! :)
    As long as the average joe can't see them, I'm happy.