Monday, May 28, 2007

upcoming projects and sheer wants

Just to show you how I'm procrastinating on that drama camp I'm supposed to be planning...

It's been a while since I have found a new craft that inspired me as much as knitting has. But I have found something that I really want to try. And it's knitting related. yeah! Today I went and ordered some superwash (cause I'm afraid of felting) wool sock yarn that I am going to dye. I can't wait. And then, I get to knit it up. woohoo! This is the best of all worlds to me. I get to play with colors, have fun with some chemistry (sort of) and then use the final product. I ordered the yarn from KnitPicks. KnitPicks has some awesome prices on yarn and their shipping is reasonable too. I'm planning on documenting the whole process just as soon as that shipment gets in, so stay tuned!

Now that I've ordered the yarn, I get to figure out what I will use as my dye. Will it be food coloring? easter egg dye? Not sure. I'm doing research on this over at knitty and craftster and various and sundry places on the web to decide.

I've also found some more knitting projects that I'm dying (not dyeing you'll note) to try. I know I'm late getting onto the Mason-Dixon Knitting book boat, but I went and reserved a copy from the libary. OMG! This book is fantastic! How will I ever afford all of the yarn for the projects I've ear-marked? I was lurking over at Cara's blog at January One and saw the miters she made for the mitered blanket. I must have it! I must knit it! That's what led me to this book. Then I saw the baby kimono, the spiral rugs, etc. I had originally planned on photo-copying the pattern for the mitered blanket, but now I want the whole entire book. Fabulous!

And no, this is not a paid endorsement at all, I'm just amazed at what these two ladies have done with this book. HMMM... Think someone could come up with a mitered sock?
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