Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm pooped

I'm right at the tail end of exhaustion here folks. I've been getting up at 6am and staying up til late-thirty to get all the loose ends taken care of for the camp that I am teaching this week. This full-on instruction into the arts of putting on a full broadway style musical is a huge undertaking, especially fitting it all into approx. 15 hours! These kids are learning everything. Some even occasionally retain the info.

We're now past the halfway point. Tomorrow we start run-throughs and then on Friday we do the Tech Dress Rehearsal where we have the lights and mikes and everything. Friday night is the show. It's a dinner theater too which is really cool. Right now I just want everything to be over. I'm enjoying doing this, but it's just me and thirty kids doing everything. I'm pooped. Way too pooped to knit. One glass of an alcohol infused beverage and it'll be night night for me I think. Right after I finish the 30 tie dye shirts that the kids all started...
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