Monday, June 11, 2007

my latest injury

I've been out of town and so out of the loop for the past few days. I'll have pics and lots of news tomorrow. I can say that this trip could have been better. I attempted to go swimming in the lake. It would have gone a bit better if I hadn't slipped on the ladder of the boat and got my hand caught in the handrail. My pinky is black, blue and swollen. It goes from numb to throbbing rather quick. Stupid me said "Oh, I can still knit. I don't use my pinky for that anyway." yeah, right. I got through a few rows of the baby kimono that I'm working on for a friend, then looked down at my hand. The pinky had gone a lovely gray/blue that completely clashed with the yarn that I was using. Time to put the knitting down for a few days. But! My yarn dyeing went "swimmingly" even if my body didn't. Will have pics of that later too. Maybe I'll photograph my lovely hand too for you. We'll see.

I also got a tummy bug as did my youngest child. Not fun. We're feeling fine now though. Except maybe for my poor pinky.
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