Thursday, March 24, 2011

It Ought To Be A Sin

Giving in to the overwhelming desire to avoid knitting, I made a valance to go above my kitchen window today.  And ya know what?  Having so much fun with burlap, beaded trim and hot glue ought to be a sin.

Here it is laying out.  This is where I realized that I had hemmed it (with hot glue) all wrong.  Once again proving that every project I touch goes wrong somewhere.


The hem on the bottom was made my folding over the burlap about one inch and hot gluing it down.  The top was folded over on the opposite side and glued straight down with no hem.  The bottom edge of that was hidden with some more hot glue and the beaded trim.  So incredibly easy to do.   It was then hung on a simple cafe curtain rod. 

Here it is hanging in the window after the fixing of the hem:


And here's the side view so that you can see how it echos what was done in the bay window:


Another angle:


I'm still fiddling with how I want it to ruffle.  I can't seem to get it quite the way I want it, but it'll come.

This kitchen has come such a long way over the past two years.  I should have had this valance finished about a year ago, but life got in my way and it just wasn't a priority.  However, the sun is now streaming in the window in the late afternoon and it makes the kitchen unbearably hot and bright and I think this small valance is just what the doctor ordered, don't you?
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