Friday, February 11, 2011

Batman Birthday Cake

Before tomorrow's birthday party, let me introduce you to the official Batman Cake (please ignore the outlet in the background):

Batman Birthday Cake

It's made from Marshmallow Fondant frosting and it was way easier to do than I expected (the cake, not the fondant.  I've made that before.)  For a great tutorial on how to make the fondant go here.  I added yellow food coloring, Wilson's Paste, to the fondant as it was mixing.  As long as you use a ton of vegetable shortening all over your counters and rolling pin, this fondant is really easy to work with.  Clean up's a real pain, but I'll take that.   Once I used all the yellow I needed, I added the black to the mix using my Kitchenaid Mixer. 

I decided to go with a yellow cake and black cityscape.  When it came time to do the buildings, I cut out squares for windows to let the yellow show through.  I also let all the buildings be way off kilter for an authentic cartoon look to Gotham City.  Have you ever really studied buildings in cartoons?  They are never straight up and down.  Go watch a Looney Tunes cartoon sometime and you'll see what I mean.  Every single window, doorway and building is skewed.

If your background frosting, in this case yellow, is not perfect, don't try to make it so.  You'll be layering on tons of buildings and it hides imperfections like a dream.  I did the layering one building at a time and put windows in where the yellow was perfect. 

The candle on the cake came from Party City and the figures are all Batman Imaginext toys that my son already had.


I'm thrilled with how this turned out!
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