Monday, January 31, 2011

Paint Weekend

I spent my weekend painting doors and cabinets.   I was feeling good enough to tackle a paint brush, so I got to painting.   It was nice to finally get the doors to my kitchen completely finished (and with new hardware even.)


I know how exciting it is looking at a door, so I won't show you the other, it would be just too much excitement for this blog.  So how about a primered cabinet?


Oh yeah.  Now that's excitement.  I'm going to paint this cabinet the color of the walls in my laundry room instead of the contrasting color so that they blend in rather than stick out.  I don't want these cabinets as noticeable.  I will get some fun knobs for them though. :)

 All this painting was just too much for these guys:

How many animals can you fit under your desk?  Would someone please tell me why these animals congregate where my feet are supposed to go?  And while your at it, would someone please go under there and pick up the speaker that fell off the back of my desk this morning?  Thanks.
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