Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Multi Tasking at the Fine Arts Show

Last night we were required to attend the school fine arts show.   It was awesome knitting time.  I got a lot of odd looks, but it was so worth it.  I will say that it's a good thing that I need very little light to knit though.  The biggest problem was being able to see to mark my pattern in order to keep up with which row I was on.

I was fussed at a little by one person and that was the five year old that I brought with me.  "Mom, you're supposed to be watching!"  Well, I was watching and listening.  I'm multi-talented that way.  After all, God made Moms to be multi-taskers and that's what I was doing.  I watched my Eldest sing and then had to sit through the rest of the grades do their thing while clicking away with my needles.

This is the progress that I made on the second side:


It's gotten so that I can't sit down and not be doing something these days.  I get all fidgety and feel like I'm not being productive.   Knitting fulfills a very valuable niche in my life that way.  It's a portable, practical hobby that's relaxing and productive.  What's not to like about that? 

Anyway, I feel like I'm making good progress on this sweater.  Just a little more time and I'll be finished with the body and will be able to get cracking on the sleeves.   I do wish that I had converted this to be done in the round though so that I could try it on as I go, but oh well.
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