Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nutty When Shopping

Am I the only nut out there that goes shopping, sees an item, and says "I can make that!"    It doesn't matter if it's knitted, sewn, glued or duct taped.  If I see something that I like and it looks doable, it becomes a challenge.  I must now go forth, find or purchase the materials, and craft it.  This is not necessarily a frugal habit by the way.

Case in point - This weekend I went shopping with my Mom.  I found a shop that had two sweaters that I found intriguing.  Simple construction, fingering weight yarn and a decent price.  Now instead of buying them like a sane person, I took them to the dressing room and took about a thousand pics of it.  If I had had my measuring tape with me, I would have spent even more time in there taking measurements. 

I really liked this stitch pattern that I found on one of them:

Does anyone know what this stitch pattern is anyway?

So there I was snapping pics like a nut.  It would have cost maybe $20 bucks to buy the whole thing then and there.  Did I?  Nope.
Here's where the extra nutty part comes in.  Yarn ain't cheap.  Let's say I went into my local yarn shop and started grabbing skeins of yarn.  If I purchased enough yarn to make the particular item that I was photographing, I'd probably spend upwards of $60 bucks.  Worth it?  Only for the crafty challenge satisfaction.  

Will I do it anyway?  Probably, since I'm crazy like that, but I'll make some major modifications first.  I'm also one of those types that can't leave well enough alone.
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