Tuesday, March 02, 2010

We interrupt the regularly scheduled post...

We interrupt the regularly scheduled post to bring you SNOW!

Everyone down here in GA is shaking their heads this year.  We never get as many days of snow as we've had this year.  I don't remember a year like this one.  It's really freaky.  Whatever happened to the "Global Warming" that Mr. Gore had been telling the entire freakin' planet about? 

So much for that.  We got three inches (you northerners are laughing at that tiny number I know) of snow today.  The kids got sent home early from school.  Which was great for them.  The boys headed outside and started a snowfight that went from our porch and continued over the entire rest of the back yard.  Even the dog got in on it.   That would be the stupid dog.  The smart one stayed inside where it was cozy and warm.

Note the cute pirate sweater on the dog:

The Youngest even decided to eat a few snowflakes. 

Those were the voluntary snowflakes that he ate.  The rest that he ate were courtesy of his older brother throwing snowballs into his face.

Me?  I'm still working on socks.  The first SideWinder is finished and the second on the needles.  Changes are being made to the second one.  Update to resume at it's regularly scheduled time tomorrow!