Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So yesterday in my very hurried post I mentioned that I've started a new project while waiting on my test knitters to do their thing with the mitts pattern.  They are already finding things that I missed and it's wonderful.  If I had handed this over to the hubby his brain would have exploded.  It's very hard to proof something in a language that looks alien, and boy do knitting patterns look alien!

The project that I've picked up is called Sidewinders.  Socks done not toe up, not cuff down, but sideways.  Just wrap your brains around that one if you will.  I'm amazed that Nona ever came up with this.  The math alone would be prohibitive enough to ever keep me from attempting something like this on my own.  I'm a math wimp.  I can do it, but it makes my brainz hurt.

The pattern has been messing with my mind though.  I'm trying very hard to "trust the pattern."  I'm not very trusting, so of course this has been difficult for me. 

In a lot of patterns you read directions that tell you to do x amount of rows of the same kind.  What I hate is when the next paragraph reads "at the same time..."   I know, I know, I should be reading the pattern all the way through before beginning the knitting, but does anyone really do this?  Maybe it is just me.  I'm such a rebel.

There's no way this would be a good car pool line or grocery line kind of knitting project for me.  I've been having to constantly refer back to the pattern.  I'm loving the project so far, but it's far from a mindless project.  Which, on the whole, is good for me.  I get bored far too easily.

The Malabrigo sock yarn is looking lovely knitted up like this.  I'm having to use size 1's to get gauge with this yarn.  It's on the lighter side of sock yarn.  It would actually be a great lace yarn for a shawl.  It feels so silky soft, a real pleasure to work with.  Now I know why everyone's been raving about it.  Here's how it looks:

Ignore the orange-y stuff at the bottom.  That's waste yarn that will be discarded later so that I can pick up the live stitches.  Besides that, it's pretty isn't it?