Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Took A Trip To Disney And All I Got Was These Really Weird Pictures

I seem to have survived my trip to Florida even though I didn't think I was going to last night after driving about 10 hours.  I was walking around like a zombie at that point.  Just for the record, a four year old stuck in a car that long is not a fun person to be around.

While on my trip, I finished my first draft of my fingerless mitt pattern.  I'll show you the results tomorrow.   I found one thing in particular that I want to tweak, but I'm pretty happy with it.

We went to Disney for one day and stuck with just the Magic Kingdom park.  In between the long, long lines and the fussing about sore feet, I think the Youngest enjoyed it.  I know the Eldest did.  I enjoyed it a little less thanks to having to carry the Youngest for most of the day.  He's still a little young to handle that much walking and has zero patience for waiting around before getting on the rides.

I got some great pics and some that are funny, but can't necessarily be classified as great.  Classic maybe.  Does anybody else have a member of a family that behaves like this when a camera is pointed at them?

Like this?

And this?

Or this?

Is it really that difficult to face your Mom (whose holding a camera) and smile?  Am I doomed to have every picture of him for the rest of my life look like this?  If so, at least I'll be laughing when I look back on them!